My father is a very tasteful man, he scouted out the talents of Samuele Cipriani’s beautiful coats one sweltering August morning in our summer village’s Wednesday market. I, of course, babies in tow don’t have the luxury of browsing Wednesday markets while the Tuscan sun blazes its majestic rays on my shoulders and my children want nothing to do with the lace filled, embroidery heaven!

Fast forward to winter and my sister is wearing a stunning coat! I am intrigued, where did she purchase this gem? She says…Wednesday market! Of course. I should have gone.

Fear not, you don’t need to leave your home to go to Wednesday market, we bring you the best of Samuele Cipriani’s coats to your fingertips, before we do though, let us meet the designer duo behind this incredibly artisanal brand.

TO:        Tell us about yourselves, Sam and Elena, a force to be reckoned with. Why did you start your beautiful brand?

SC:         We built our brand from scratch, Elena and I, with a great desire to express our aesthetic and everything believe in. This of course was aided by our Italian culture and the abundance of raw materials and craftsmanship that we find in our country.      

TO:        Your coats are made to perfection, do you work with local artisans to achieve such beauty?

SC:         Yes, we work exclusively with small Tuscan artisans who are able to produce every one of our creations to the smallest detail.    

TO:        You take a very personable approach with your clients. What to you is the most important aspect of a couture-like brand like yours?

SC:         We value personal relationships, talking to each other understanding deeply the difference between what our clients, and what they need for their wardrobe.

TO:        Finally, tell us what your favorite piece is.

SC:          My favorite piece is a raglan sleeve coat created last year in entirely hand-inlaid mink with an ethnic design and earth colors with a spot of burgundy. It is my archive piece, Samuele Cipriani is a little chic, a little wild and extraordinary! 

 Shop our curation of Samuele Cipriani here for the entire month of November.

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