The pandemic has really changed the way we dress-in the age of Zoom calls and with online meetings the fastest way to look put together is a white shirt and a beautiful piece of jewellery. By the same token the pandemic really made us delve deep into our jewellery boxes and actually wear our pieces.

In light of everything we have been through, we reached out to our favorite women and asked them what their favorite or dream piece of jewellery is because what is life without a little day time dress up?



Raghad Al Musallam: Founder of Shop Bebeeti

"Grandmother’s necklace from the 80s. I cannot tell you exact details because neither my grandmother, mother or aunts have any recollection of the exact details. We think the center stone may be 15 or 18 carats, and it was purchased from either Graff or Kutchinsky there are no visible engravings so it’s hard to tell! Nevertheless, it is a piece I feel so honored to wear every time I put it on!"



Marta Otaduy Marzotto: Yoga Instructor

"A vintage garnet and pearl earrings from in-laws. My mother in law bought them at Penisi. I love them because they are discreet but they make your face shine... They are elegant but not excessive so they can be worn to basically any occasion!"



Nicole Furman: Visual Artist

"Although I check the time on my “always-too-present sidekick” we call a phone, this piece is a true jewel for me. I’ve always adored all of Bvlgari’s Serpenti pieces, the allusion to snakes I find beautiful, elegant and subtly sensual. With this specific wristwatch I love the contrast between the black enamel and the rose gold, & the diamond sparks don’t hurt."



Hala Kaiksow: Designer

"My favourite piece of jewellery would have to be my engagement ring. My friend, Alice Waese, who is a jewellery designer based in New York made it for me. I was looking for something that really that expressed my style and I think her pieces captured it perfectly."



Carolina Carpaneda: Architect and Interior designer

One of my ever favourite pieces of jewellery is an emerald ring that was my great-grandma, the woman who I got my name from. Emeralds are known to be the gemstone with the most personality as they are one of the few precious gems where inclusions actually add value to the stone. Imperfections are part of the beauty of each emerald, but what’s really special about this one is not the stone itself but its frame, it reminds me of a flower and it is something you can’t find today in modern jewellery. It has an art deco flavour, but at the same time I find it so contemporary! I have always kept it safe and used it only few times, but lately I have decided the wear it all the time and I love to see it on my hand. This ring has great sentimental value for me and I am extremely appreciative for having the privilege of keeping it and eventually passing it down to my daughters!



Carmen Borgonovo: Designer Borgo de Nor

"I’ve always believed jewellery can transform how you feel instantly and when I saw this swan ear cuff by so-le studios my heart skipped a beat. It’s a piece that can elevate your relaxed jeans, t-shirt and blazer look into a not trying so hard yet glamorous evening ensemble and will certainly add a cool edge to feminine florals. Its' modern, versatile and sophisticated - a simple way to bring effortless sparkle into your life."



Reem Al Kanhal: Designer

"Each piece could be worn by it self or just wear the the black enamel rings with diamonds or all together! It is cool, elegant and simple. To me, it’s not your typical piece.”
Eugenia Gonzalez: Vogue Mexico & Latin America European Editor
"I wasn’t going to have a wedding ring, it seemed redundant and unnecessary to buy another band. One day we came across a story on colored stones and fell completely in love with gray diamonds. We decided if a cool stone ever crossed our path, that it could become a belated wedding ring. Cut to a few months later, my dear friend Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost calls me to come into her studio. She had found four amazing stones. 3 gray, and one green-gray diamond from a mine in Australia that was about to close. It was a total stunner and we couldn’t resist. My future husband (an architect) then dove deeply and obsessively into designing his first ring together with Salzer. Many cads and 3D printings later, I saw the final product in church at our wedding in Mexico.  I was, and am still blown away every time I see it."
Anum Bashir: Founder/ Consultant Desert Mannequin

"My current favorite piece by sorrellina. It's custom made as an heirloom for my daughter Eden one day. I love it because its one of the most beautiful signets I've seen in a while. It compliments my other daily pieces so well too!"



Deema Al Ajlan: Designer

"I have always felt that there is a dialogue a piece of jewelry and it’s wearer. These earrings spoke to me from the first moment I saw them on my mother, who in fact passed them onto me. I have always loved emeralds, perhaps because I have green eyes, so it has always been a colour I gravitate towards. I have also always loved huggies, as they are more unique than hoops which are very popular today.

I developed a love for vintage jewelry around 10 years ago after attending an estate jewellery auction in Boston. Ever since, I have appreciated and sought out vintage jewelry pieces as I believe them to be more unique because back then jewellery was not mass produced as it often is today, which I feel intrinsically diminishes the meaning behind the jewels themselves and saturates their individuality. Floral  pieces especially by jewellers such as Van Cleef And Arpels and older  pieces by Adler  have been a favourite as well as vintage  Bvlgari and David Webb."



Marine Edith Crosta Artist Gallerist

"My taste in jewellery is quite eclectic, I love complicated statement pieces, but I find myself wearing very simple things on a daily basis. Sophie Buhai is my go-to designer for every day timeless pieces, I commissioned a pair of rings from her last year that I never take off. I would love to invest in a large Art Deco ring, such as the ones designed by Rene Boivin. La Galerie Parisienne have a Boivin ring in chalcedony and fine pearl at the moment that I find particularly exquisite!” 



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