This week I posted an 80s mom look which involved a crisp white shirt. The next day I was inspired to wear another shirt. Sometimes I think I wear too many shirts, maybe I should diversify and put something else on.

But as the saying goes "if it aint broke...."

I further questioned shirts when I was asked via DMs: "Any recommendations for the perfect white shirt?"

I had no immediate answer to the question because all the white shirts I have amassed were from a charming little shop called Principe in Forte dei Marmi where my family had been spending summers since the beginning of time. We all know the fate of charming summer towns, the mom and pop shops soon go out of business being bought out by international brands. "Our" little town is now a Bond Street of brands. Principe no longer exists as a boutique dressing 80s moms to perfection.

So where does one buy their shirts?

The latest (and most accessible) white shirts I got were from Merlette NYC, a beautiful brand that makes beautiful no-fuss cotton clothing. It's basically clothes for everyday, beautifully made, neutral palette, easy to integrate into your wardrobe.

Then I thought of my friend Jennifer Klein who made four of my favorite shirts in my closet. I have a white shirt, a pink oversized linen shirt, a silk shirt in the most perfect shade of purple (have not worn it yet, but was inspired -actually copied- an older lady with the sharpest grey bob, silk purple shirt and grey pants) and finally the mother of all shirts a pink beaded shirt. Something shiny forever!

Lastly, you all know my friend Sunny Han from @sunnyskitchen, this summer she invited me to join her on an errand run, she was wearing a beautiful shirt from Sessei which I was intrigued by.

So there you have it, I think I answered the question.

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